Portfolio Companies
While Syncom Venture Partners invests across a broad spectrum of the high growth sectors of the media and communications industry, each of our portfolio companies leverages a strategy that is uniquely tailored to maximize the opportunity it has targeted to achieve success.
  • AppTap

    AppTap is a contextual app recommendations and advertising platform for iOS and Android. The company helps consumers find apps relevant to their interests through contextual app recommendations within content on leading media sites. App developers promote their apps on the AppTap Network through targeted sponsored placements. Media companies, carriers and other partners use AppTap to boost user engagement and mobile revenue. Based in Reston, VA, AppTap is funded by Syncom Venture Partners and New Atlantic Ventures.

  • apptap
  • LikeList

    LikeList (formerly, GoFavo), of Sunnyvale, CA, was established to exploit the tremendous opportunity in the US local Internet advertising market. LikeList is poised to immediately compete and gain share of consumer attention and small and medium sized business marketing spending by offering a unique approach to local promotion. Instead of receiving advice from strangers as provided by competitors such as Yelp and Angie's List, Likelist is the simplest way to quickly save, share, and find lists of businesses you can rely on. The Company hopes to establish and maintain an efficient "Local Trust Network" based on the recommendations of one's colleagues, and this shall allow them to set themselves apart from their competitors and claim their piece of the market.

  • likelist
  • DubMeNow

    DubMeNow (DUB) is a mobile software solutions company, which provides a unique way for smart phone users to automatically merge and exchange contact information simultaneously on multiple unrelated platforms. DUB eliminates the need to swap, save, enter or update business card data, by providing smart phone and PDA users with a way to exchange business contact information using their existing devices.

  • Heatwave Interactive
  • Heatwave Interactive

    Heatwave Interactive, of Austin, TX, was founded to exploit the tremendous popularity and growth in the online-enabled segment of the interactive entertainment sector. Heatwave will focus on developing online-enabled games (Console Games with connected component, MMOG’s, Virtual Worlds with traditional game dynamics etc.) based on both original and licensed intellectual properties. The have recently released the iSamJackson application, which is a soundboard of popular Samuel L. Jackson quotes, and is currently available for purchase on all application-enabled phones. They are also gearing up for the release of a game called Platinum Life, which they developed with the rapper T.I., and allows the gamer to live the life in pursuit of superstardom.

  • Heatwave Interactive
  • Indoor Direct

    Indoor Direct, based out of Dallas, Tx, owns and manages a national, IP-based, Out-Of-Home ("OOH") Video Advertising Network focused on high-volume Quick Serve Restaurants and fast casual dining restaurants. The company has entered into exclusive multi-year service agreements with a number of Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs), such as Wendy’s, Denny’s, Hardees, Carl's Jr., Cici’s Pizza and Taco Bell to name a few.

  • Indoor Direct
  • Maya Entertainment Group

    Maya Entertainment Group is a diversified content aggregation, production, and distribution company that showcases the various aspects of Latino culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. Maya is content centric in its strategic focus on addressing the market, and employs a multi platform approach to distributing primarily long and short form film content.

  • Maya Entertainment
  • Media Platform on Demand

    Media Platform was founded in 2005 as a video communications platform. The Company provides enterprise class video management for Fortune 1000 companies. Their services allow companies to integrate media into day-to-day activity, and enable them to take their webcast and teleconferences to the next level. Media Platform has three primary offerings, PrimeTime, MediaLauncher and WebCaster. PrimeTime is the enterprise rich-media management system and WebCaster delivers feature-rich, scalable and reliable webcast presenationsw. MedialLauncher provies webcasters with template customization and CDN options.

  • IVT
  • Outspark

    Founded in 2007 in San Francisco, CA, Outspark is a leading micro-transaction based online video gaming company that publishes and operates engaging online multiplayer games. The Company is the first North American online video gaming company to successfully marry game publishing with community and personalization (via the Outspark portal). With a registered user base of more than 5 million globally, Outspark boasts the one of the largest free-to-play "massively multiplayer online" (MMO) North American audiences, and a rapidly growing European community. Outspark currently offers six mid-casual games - Fiesta, Secret of the Solstice, Bread ‘n Butter, Project Powder, Blackshot and Wind Slayer - with more games launching throughout 2010. Outspark recently opened its online platform on which game developers or publishers can plug into, to self publish their online games.

  • Outspark
  • Proclivity Systems

    Proclivity Systems, founded in 2006, is an information management company that leverages data to develop predictive insights for improving marketing and merchandise performance and driving consumer engagement. At the core of Proclivity’s offering is the Consumer Valuation Bank ("CVB") which gives marketers and merchandisers unparalleled insight, and foresight, into the valuation of each of their consumers and what they will buy online. The insights derived from the CVB enable clients to develop a better understanding of customer purchase preferences and intent and more effectively deliver the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time. Proclivity will leverage the data and predictive insights from the millions of customers in the various CVB’s to create a platform enabling clients to target and optimize customers (existing and new) across various networks of connected CVB’s.

  • proclivity
  • ShowUhow, Inc.

    ShowUhow, Inc. is the developer and provider of the proprietary 360° Product Experience Platform, which available via the Android and Apple platforms, web, and social media, that helps manufacturers and retailers reduce support costs, increase sales conversion and improve customer satisfaction by offering a series of on-demand,video-based product guides for every stage of the customer lifestyle: Pre-Sale, Installation, Feedback and Repeat Business through brand loyalty.

    By adding ShowUhow solution to the pre-sale and installation stages, manufacturers and retailers have consistently seen faster installs, reductions in costly support calls and product returns, increased product satisfaction. ShowUhow offers straightforward and engaging Video Product Guides (VPGs) and comprehensive self-support tools that provide effective pre-sales education and set-up expectations, as well as step-by-step tutorials that improve the "out of box" experience.

  • showushow
  • Thought Equity Motion

    Thought Equity, of Denver, CO, was founded in 2003 and is the world’s largest supplier of online motion content, licensing and professional representation services to the agency, entertainment, and corporate production industries. The company has over 7 million hours of footage under management from over 400 content owners like Paramount, MGM, United Artists, DreamWorks, National Geographic, and NCAA. In the last 12 months their content has played a major role in more than 4,000 television commercials, 350 feature films, 2,700 episodic television programs, 4,800 corporate brand stories and thousands of pieces of Internet content. The Company adds about 20,000 pieces of new content to their system monthly.

  • thought equity
  • V-ME Media

    V-me Media, LLC ("V-me") is a new Spanish language television network that is distributed nationally via PBS affiliate broadcast television stations, cable TV, satellite, and other emergent communications platforms. The network is targeted at the US Hispanic market, and provides a mix of "high quality" original and acquired television programming including: kids, lifestyle, nature, science, history, current affairs, music, arts, and nightly movies. V-me has structured 10-year affiliation agreements with PBS stations across the U.S. to have the network’s programming broadcast on one of the affiliate’s four digital channels allocated to each station by the FCC. Importantly, any channel broadcast by a PBS affiliate is a "must carry" on all local cable TV systems. Of note V-me is proud to offer the largest, most widely distributed block of world-class educational pre-school content in Spanish TV.

  • V-Me Media
  • Voyages N.A.

    Voyages headquartered in New York City, Voyages brings together accomplished travel professionals and cutting edge film production in an innovative company that offers a new way to research, share and ultimately purchase travel. The cornerstone of the Voyages experience is our original lifestyle and destination video programming. Shot in vivid High Definition, our Hotel & Resort Profiles, Activity & Tour videos, and Signature Series deliver content that is unbiased, current, accurate and above all, personal. Voyages also publishes a slate of original travel articles written for the discerning traveler. Voyages has partnered with leading cable TV companies to offer free Video on Demand programming, available in 20,000,000 homes and counting.

  • Voyages
  • Weather Decisions

    WDT (formerly known as True North), of Norman, OK, is a global leader in providing state-of-the-science weather applications, data, and systems to businesses and consumers. The weather information provided to subscribers includes: Doppler Radar & Satellite Maps, Wind, Temperature, Wave Height, Icing, Lightning Strikes, and Weather Alerts. Their clientele includes 13 of the 15 largest weather companies (including Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and WeatherBug), media companies (including Google, CNN, and Fox), and international customers (including Dubai International Airport and the Indonesian Government). The Company also has begun to implement a 3-screen new media strategy, bringing those same applications to mobile phones, computers, and television.

  • Weather Decisions